Developing Organizational Leaders & Improving Employee Potential
Where will your organization’s next generation of top-line leaders come from? To succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to unlock the potential of your highest performers. In other words, you need to develop ADEPT professionals, leaders, and teams. ADEPT Leadership® takes good managers and gives them the tools, processes, and practice they need to become great leaders who are ready to assume responsibility and maintain momentum.
ADEPT Graduates
Min. Hours Saved Per Employee
Avg. Rate of Return
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At ADEPT Leadership®, our processes and programs are designed to exponentially increase leadership potential in organizations. We ensure that your knowledge and training continues “beyond the seminar” and empowers you with greater leadership potential.
Big change within your company begins at the individual level. ADEPT’s path for professionals provides personalized training that develops professional skillsets, leverages unique styles, and teaches strategies for efficiency, communication, and goal setting that are key to workplace success.
Better management yields better results for your company. ADEPT’s path for leaders provides the resources and knowhow to refine any leadership position within your organization. We focus on the practical application of execution tactics, strategic problem solving, and effective feedback.
Together, teams can accomplish great things. But when unclear goals and miscommunication plague a workgroup, performance drops. ADEPT’s path for teams provides hands-on training to assess team strengths and opportunities for improvement, clarify goals, and improve synchronization.
T-Mobile saved ten times their investment in just four months through greater individual productivity, improved collaboration, and increased employee empowerment.
Thomson Reuters reported fewer complaints, improved customer approval scores, increased productivity, and more focused, effective meetings.
International Speedway Corporation saw 43% of ADEPT graduates grow into positions of greater responsibility, and they reported significant improvements to ISC’s bottom line and work environment.
ADEPT develops leadership fluency in professionals, leaders, and teams through training that fosters incremental progress and continuous improvement. ADEPT Performance Systems are customized for learners at any level:
Cultivate your foundational business skills—the basic building blocks of leadership.
Accelerate your growth as a leader, practicing your skills and increasing your proficiency.
Elevate your abilities and execution, becoming increasingly fluent in the practice of leadership.


  • In a single engagement with ADEPT, T-Mobile saved $750,000 in just four months.
  • 75-80% of participants report significant changes in how they use and prioritize their activities.
  • A minimum of 15 minutes per day or 60 hours per year per employee were saved and allotted to higher priority items.
  • Five years after the trainings, at least 50% of ADEPT participants still benefit from skills learned more than 5 years after initial trainings.


  • 43% of ADEPT participants have gone on to positions of leadership.
  • Approximately 20% of the ISC workforce has participated in ADEPT trainings.
  • Liberated a minimum of 15 minutes of work time per day, per employee for higher priority items.
  • An annual commitment to continually enroll new participants in the ADEPT Leadership® program.

Beyond the Seminar

  • Total cost savings of $24.1M for T-Mobile.
  • Thomson Reuters experienced a 40% increase in customer approval scores.
  • 43% of ISC graduates fulfilling greater leadership roles.
  • Average ROI increase of 4 times.
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The ADEPT team can help you determine which Performance Systems you need to cultivate, accelerate, and elevate leadership fluency in your professionals, leaders, and teams.
If you’d like to learn more about ADEPT Performance Systems, we can put you in contact with a graduate in your area who will answer your questions.






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