What Is ADEPT Leadership?

What Is ADEPT Leadership®?

Where will your organization’s next generation of leaders come from? To succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to unlock the potential of your highest performers. That’s what ADEPT Leadership® sets out to do.

No technology or app can replace people who are operating at the peak of their potential. ADEPT Leadership® intensive, immersive training courses empower you to harness the human capital in your organization and gain a competitive edge.

Ultimately, ADEPT Leadership® takes good employees and gives them the tools, processes, and practice they need to become great leaders who are ready to assume responsibility and maintain momentum. Isn’t it time your team became ADEPT?

Diamonds Are Not Made Overnight

Diamonds Are Not Made Overnight

Diamonds are formed when carbon is exposed to extreme heat and pressure over a long period of time—sometimes more than a billion years! Similarly, no one becomes ADEPT overnight. It might not take eons to become an expert at what you do, but it can’t be done without long-term commitment and perseverance.

ADEPT Leadership® courses are not quick fixes. Instead, professionals, leaders, and teams become ADEPT through a purposeful process of learning and practice that plays out over months and years. We recognize that it takes time and effort to cultivate real value, and that’s what we offer each person who seeks to become ADEPT.

Achieving Leadership Fluency

Achieving Leadership Fluency

Becoming an ADEPT leader is a lot like learning a foreign language. First you have to get comfortable with the building blocks. For leadership, that means cultivating fundamental skills like time management, problem solving, and goal setting. Next you must learn to lead your team more deliberately with less deliberation. Your growth reaches an even higher level when you elevate your abilities and achieve fluency. For professionals, leaders, and teams with leadership fluency, thinking and acting like an effective leader has become second nature. With ADEPT, your leaders will cultivate their skills, accelerate their mastery, and continually elevate their ability to lead.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Our entire management team has participated in ADEPT Leadership® training. We believe we’ve saved 10 times our investment in just four months. Our team has realized greater individual productivity, improved collaboration and increased employee empowerment. I’ve engaged ADEPT to work with my teams for almost 15 years and I continue to be amazed by my ROI.

    Bryan Fleming Vice President, Technical Systems and Business Operations, T-Mobile
  • ADEPT Leadership® has become a part of our vocabulary here in User Services. Our meetings are now short, focused and much more effective. Our teams are receiving fewer complaints and grievances, all while seeing increased productivity and improved customer approval scores. In addition we now have a common framework to evaluate how well we’re staying ADEPT!

    Jennifer Riggs Director, User Services, Thomson Reuters
  • In eight years, approximately 20 percent of our workforce has participated in ADEPT Leadership®, with over half of them utilizing the virtual “live online” method. This has proven to be a great solution for our remote work teams across the country. The ADEPT process goes beyond learning to create productive new habits and more effective leaders. We pride ourselves on promoting from within, and 43 percent of our ADEPT graduates have grown into positions with greater responsibility. We continue to invest in ADEPT because we value its training and believe we realize a significant positive impact on our bottom line and improvement to the overall health of ISC’s work environment.

    John Saunders President, International Speedway Corporation

T-Mobile saved ten times their investment in just four months through greater individual productivity, improved collaboration, and increased employee empowerment.

Thomson Reuters reported fewer complaints, improved customer approval scores, increased productivity, and more focused, effective meetings.

International Speedway Corporation saw 43% of ADEPT graduates grow into positions of greater responsibility, and they reported significant improvements to ISC’s bottom line and work environment.