Customer Reviews

  • "Becoming Adept is a concise and practical guide in developing leadership skills that can be applied to all organizations for sustained improvements. The book is structured to provide an integrated framework for leadership development or can be used to improve a specific skill. It's application in leading a not-for-profit organization begins with its goal to create sustainable change centered around empowering staff and volunteers to positively impact the people they serve."
    ~ Rich Baids, Agency/Corporate Adviser
  • "DePalma utilizes a wide variety of interesting stories and personal research that promote leadership through emphasizing the power of incremental improvement, expressing authenticity by replacing words with action, and applying the keys to establishing lasting change for personal success and achievement."
    ~ Adam Burrows, Superintendent of Schools
  • "This book is essential for anyone who wants to be successful in life. Whether you are a CEO of a large company, supervisor of a convenience store, own your own business or COO of your household, this book can give you fundamental principles and practices to improve your efficiency and attitude."
    Graham Carroll
  • "Blending proven leadership principles with examples from sports, politics, culture and everyday events helps the reader see the principles worked out in real life."
    Tom Horvath
  • Great examples and honest approach to making changes. It takes incremental work and consistency to develop. An enjoyable read and many ideas to work into team discussions for improvement."
    Amazon Reader
  • "'Becoming Adept' is a real-world overview of what it takes to be a good leader. It has strategies and exercises after each chapter that can help an individual affect change.... it’s like a workbook to success."
    Amazon Reader
  • "...clearly demonstrates how committed leaders can apply the ADEPT principles to create, achieve, and sustain individual and organizational change to optimize desired performance. The Adept in Action section provides practical tips for transforming insights gleaned from each chapter into behaviors."
    Amazon Reader
  • "...covers leadership fundamentals that can be applied to well-seasoned leaders or individual's just getting their start. I especially appreciated the action steps provided guiding me on how to implement concepts covered into my everyday life."
    Amazon Reader