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Experts are made, not born. Potential is developed through disciplined study and purposeful practice, and ADEPT Performance Systems℠ are the tools that turn good managers into great leaders. Isn’t it time your team became ADEPT?


Maximize your impact.


Unlock your potential.


Improve your performance.

About ADEPT Leadership®

Where will your organization’s next generation of top-line leaders come from? To succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to unlock the potential of your highest performers. In other words, you need to develop ADEPT professionals, leaders, and teams. ADEPT Leadership® takes good managers and gives them the tools, processes, and practice they need to become great leaders who are ready to assume responsibility and maintain momentum.

ADEPT Professionals, Leaders, and Teams

ADEPT develops leadership fluency in professionals, leaders, and teams through training that fosters incremental progress and continuous improvement. ADEPT Performance Systems℠ are customized for learners at any level:



Cultivate your foundational business skills—the basic building blocks of leadership.



Accelerate your growth as a leader, practicing your skills and increasing your proficiency.



Elevate your abilities and execution, becoming increasingly fluent in the practice of leadership.

Paul DePalma, author of the Amazon Best Seller
Becoming Adept: Applying Leadership Strategies for Lasting Change

Exciting news! Paul DePalma’s, published leadership development book, Becoming Adept: Applying Leadership Strategies for Lasting Change has achieved best-seller status.

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ADEPT Performance Systems℠

Whether you need to develop your individual professionals, leaders, or teams, and whether they are ready to cultivate, accelerate, or elevate their skills, ADEPT Leadership® has the right Performance System for the job. Our facilitators will listen to your team’s needs and goals and assemble a customized course from dozens of content modules.

Isn’t it time your leaders became ADEPT?

The ADEPT team can help you determine which Performance Systems you need to cultivate, accelerate, and elevate leadership fluency in your professionals, leaders, and teams.

Talk to Someone Who Has Become ADEPT

If you’d like to learn more about ADEPT Performance Systems℠, we can put you in contact with a graduate in your area who will answer your questions.






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