The Challenge
The International Speedway Corporation (ISC), Nascar’s largest motorsport facility operator, was managing a workforce of over one thousand employees from 13 different facilities, across 10 states. Running such a sprawling network required a lot of coordination, training and team management.
However, without a common foundation or defined goals, the team lacked focus and communication when attempting to achieve and complete projects. International Speedway Corporation (ISC) understood that its workforce needed to be able to focus on the overall strategic plan while still be nimble enough to execute their day-to-day activities. But achieving this goal would require the help of strategic consultants such as Adept.
Choosing Adept
Considering our excellent track record, consistent and sustained results, customized approach and appealing philosophy, ISC knew it had found the perfect strategic partner as we helped identify the following changes International Speedway Corporation (ISC) would have to make:
Move away from the command and control environment
Enhance corporate discipline
Manage employee growth
Streamline communications for remote teams
The Adept Process
“Prior to the ADEPT process not everyone was aligned to the same strategic plan,”
says International Speedway Corporation (ISC) President, John Saunders.
Both ADEPT Leadership® and Mr. Saunders were looking for a sustained approach that went beyond the
seminar. “Seminars are like movies,” says Saunders. “You come out of the movie you either liked it or you didn’t like it and you’re pumped up – you’re a little bit emotional and about three days later, where did it all go?”
However, ADEPT Leadership® has a track record of delivering lasting benefits.
ADEPT Leadership® brought a successful turnaround at ISC by:
  • Helping employees identify obstacles
  • Creating an online and onsite program for remote teams
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks and barriers
  • Utilizing individual and team assessments
  • Designing weekly reports to track progress
ADEPT Performance SystemsSM
The Results
International Speedway Corporation (ISC) gained the following strategic advantages over the course of its partnership with ADEPT Leadership®:
Total cost savings of $8.2M
Liberated a minimum of 15 minutes of work time per day, per employee for higher priority items
43% of ADEPT participants have gone on to positions of leadership
In 8 years, approximately 20% of the ISC workforce has participated in ADEPT trainings
Brought remote teams together with both online and onsite training sessions
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