ADEPT Organizations

Sometimes you need to replace your magnifying glass with a wide lens camera to truly take in the big picture. That’s why ADEPT offers services that develop an organization as a whole, producing lasting change on every level. Below are organization development systems we’ve used to improve results and performance.

Managing and Leading Others: Our ADEPT Performance SystemsSM (see below) engage participants in unique micro learning processes that transfer knowledge to practical skills for improving effectiveness and impact. Provides the skills necessary to improve personal productivity and the ability to manage others more effectively, regardless of experience or organizational level.

Defining Organization Strategy and Aligning Goals: A customized, facilitated process to accumulate data, define core ideology, clarify key objectives and develop actions plans aligned to long-range vision. Provides a framework and methodology to bring people’s idea and information together effectively so and all stakeholders are committed to and have a shared understanding of plans and goals.

Improving Teamwork and Collaboration: Conducting our multi-session process Building Team Performance, based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive team survey. Provides improved trust, collaboration and alignment toward goals.

Individualized Leadership Development: Executive and Professional Coaching through periodic meetings to discuss how to maximize strengths and uncover areas of improvement. Provides a framework to focus efforts and improve effectiveness.

Organizational Health Assessment: Customized and focused survey questions to get at the heart of organizational health issues and better understand key strengths and critical challenges. Provides a framework to define targeted improvement strategies.

Talent Optimization: Utilizing data survey tools to help employees align with organizational and team goals. Provides insight into individual focus areas, team relationship strategies and focused selection criteria.

Leadership Guidance: Executive and Owner roundtables engaged in periodic and consistent focused discussions with executives from different companies with similar responsibility levels. Provides a forum to discuss alternative tactics, share best practices, and hold each other accountable to reaching goals.

What Are ADEPT Performance Systems℠?

ADEPT Leadership® has dozens of content modules that address a wide variety of essential skills for business leaders, including:



Effective Meetings

Team Dynamics


Leadership Roles

Achieving Priorities

And Much More

Many of our pre-designed programs fit a wide variety of needs. See a summary here.

In addition ADEPT can customize our Performance Systems for learners at any level. A facilitator will listen to your team’s needs and goals and assemble a specialized course that will help your people cultivate, accelerate, and elevate the skills that matter.

How Does ADEPT Work?

Programs can be conducted in-person by an ADEPT facilitator at your organization’s facility. Other groups use webcams to participate in our virtual conference center.

Many groups are made up of employees from the same company, though some online groups include people from different organizations and industries. Your group will be limited in size in order to maximize interaction and personal attention.

You will receive a variety of tools to make it easy to engage. You will be given practical assignments so you can apply the ideas in the weeks between the sessions and have email access to your facilitator between the sessions so you can ask any questions that may come up.

Courses typically meet biweekly and often run for multiple sessions (though this varies based on the course and group). Although participants spend time between the sessions on work assignments, our clients tell us that after three or four sessions they’ve already saved time in increased efficiency by applying the concepts they’ve learned to their daily work.

Like anything else, you’ll get out of ADEPT what you put into it. ADEPT Performance Systems will guide you to uncover the areas that are personally most important for you to address in order to improve performance.