What Are ADEPT Performance Systems℠?

ADEPT Leadership® has dozens of content modules that address a wide variety of essential topics for business leaders, including:



Effective Meetings

Team Dynamics


Leadership Roles

Achieving Priorities

And Much More

ADEPT customizes our Performance Systems for learners at any level. A facilitator will listen to your team’s needs and goals and assemble a specialized course that will help your people cultivate, accelerate, and elevate the skills that matter.

ADEPT Professionals, Leaders, and Teams

ADEPT Performance Systems are designed to facilitate continuous improvement for individual professionals, leaders at all levels, and entire teams—whoever in your organization needs to become ADEPT.


Big change within your company begins at the individual level. ADEPT’s path for professionals provides personalized training that develops professional skillsets, leverages unique styles, and teaches strategies for efficiency, communication, and goal setting that are key to workplace success.


Better management yields better results for your company. ADEPT’s path for leaders provides the resources and knowhow to refine any leadership position within your organization. We focus on the practical application of execution tactics, strategic problem solving, and effective feedback, among other key strategies based on your specific goals and circumstances.


Together, teams can accomplish great things. But when unclear goals and miscommunication plague a workgroup, performance drops. ADEPT’s path for teams provides hands-on training to assess team strengths and opportunities for improvement, clarify goals, and improve synchronization.

Cultivate, Accelerate, and Elevate Your Skills

ADEPT develops leadership fluency through intensive and immersive training that fosters incremental progress and continuous improvement. ADEPT Performance Systems are customized for learners at any level:

Cultivate your foundational business skills—the basic building blocks of leadership.

Accelerate your growth as a leader, practicing your skills and increasing your proficiency.

Elevate your abilities and execution, becoming increasingly fluent in the practice of leadership.

How Does ADEPT Work?

Many courses are conducted in-person by an ADEPT facilitator at your organization’s facility. Other groups use webcams to participate.

Many groups are made up of employees from the same company, though some online groups include people from different organizations and industries. Your group will be limited in size in order to maximize interaction and personal attention.

You will receive a variety of tools to make it easy to engage. You will be given practical assignments so you can apply the ideas in the weeks between the sessions and have email access to your facilitator between the sessions so you can ask any questions that may come up.

Courses typically meet biweekly and often run for eight sessions (though this varies based on the course and group). Although participants spend time between the sessions on work assignments, our clients tell us that after three or four sessions they’ve already saved time in increased efficiency by applying the concepts they’ve learned to their daily work.

Like anything else, you’ll get out of ADEPT what you put into it. ADEPT Performance Systems will guide you to uncover the areas that are personally most important for you to address in order to improve performance.

ADEPT for Organizations

Sometimes you need to replace your magnifying glass with a wide-lens camera to truly take in the big picture. That’s why ADEPT also offers services that develop an organization as a whole, producing lasting change on every level. Our organization development training systems include:

Executive Coaching and Roundtables: This customized learning plan is designed based on the needs of your organization’s leaders.

Strategic Planning: ADEPT also offers organizational planning on a purely strategic level, focusing on the best use of resources to address your organization’s specific needs.

Employee Engagement Surveys: From the organizational level down to individual workgroups, this intuitive survey tool highlights your company’s strongest and weakest areas of engagement in order to hone in on a strategy for improvement.

ADEPT Leadership® 360 Survey: This survey tool provides vital, 360-degree feedback on the leadership characteristics of your organization.