The Challenge
Lack of accountability, task oversight, departmental inefficiencies, and meeting roadblocks, among other organizational challenges, creates an ineffective environment which ultimately impacts a company’s bottom line.
In the case of T-Mobile, lack of time efficiency was costing the telecom giant in terms of both employee productivity and problem identification. In 2000, the company finally decided that permanent changes needed to take place across the board.
The ADEPT Difference
Rather than a “one size fits all” strategy, ADEPT created a customized training solution that fit T-Mobile’s company culture. This involved identifying desired outcomes and measures of success. In T-Mobile’s case this included increasing efficiency and productivity. The next phase required participants to complete assessment surveys in order to customize goals for each employee. Through guided intervals, ADEPT enabled participants to get more done with less by teaching them how to:
  • Manage their information, energy, and tasks more effectively
  • Improve the motivation and engagement of their work groups
  • Gain commitment not just compliance
  • Spend more time on strategic issues rather than reacting randomly
  • Know and apply the right way to deal with conflict
  • Structure and run meetings more effectively
  • Get more done in the same amount of time
  • Use their unique communication style to reduce misunderstanding
  • Use effective processes to provide valuable feedback
  • Find more balance between work and personal accomplishments
ADEPT Performance SystemsSM
Through this unique process, ADEPT was able to take the training out of the seminar and embed it in the workplace to create a lasting positive change-all without disrupting the day to day operation.
Lasting Changes
Contrary to most training programs, ADEPT’s performance based methods create a lasting impact that
positively benefit organizations for years to come. For T-Mobile, some of these benefits were:
Through a mix of both online and in-person courses, ADEPT’s group-oriented trainings allowed for
T-Mobile team members to become more aware of themselves and their work output. From trimming email communications to creating meeting outlines, T-Mobile saved a minimum of
15 minutes per day or 60 hours per year per employee. Additionally, 75-80% of participants reported significant changes in how they use and prioritize their activities.
At least 50% of ADEPT participants still engage in learned behaviors more than 5 years after initial
Turnaround Highlights
Over a span of several weeks, ADEPT’s Leadership® helped the operations team find their footing by:
Enabling participants to better understand “real obstacles”
Providing assessments throughout the process that showed individual and team trends
Empowering leaders to broadly see bigger issues rather than the problem at hand
Identifying bottlenecks and barriers
Compiling weekly reports to track positive results for both individual and
organizational challenges
In a Nutshell
Overall, T-Mobile recovered 8.9 times their training investment during their relationship with ADEPT.This equates to $24.1M in total savings and greater individual productivity, improved collaboration, as well as increased employee empowerment. With such positive improvements, the T-Mobile and ADEPT partnership has lasted 18 years and has over 1,400 program graduates, many of whom have gone on to greater leadership positions.
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