Achievement Planner Tools and Personal Development Plan

Have you ever failed to reach the goals you set for yourself? Often it’s because you haven’t thought strategically to transform an objective into a valuable goal.  Creating an actionable goal requires that you think through: What is it that I want to accomplish? Why should I do this? What’s in it for me? What challenges must I overcome to realize this goal? Who else needs to be involved? This form will guide you to create the necessary framework to actually achieve the goal you identify.

   Discussion Guide and Documentation Guide

Sometimes it can be challenging to handle conflict in a positive way. This discussion guide template will help you focus the discussion to address the issue effectively and help the other person take responsibility to handling the issue. Once the discussion takes place, use the documentation guide to organize your notes. 

Meeting Plan Exercise and Meeting Plan Report

This form will help you organize your meetings using six key concepts that when practiced regularly will result in more effective meetings. Once the meeting is complete, you can use the meeting report form to make sure you capture the necessary actions for next steps.